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Beer is great. No matter where you travel, whether throughout the United States or around the world, chances are you’re never too far from a cold, refreshing, and (usually) affordable can, bottle, or pint of beer.

But in recent years, beer has entered a renaissance of sorts (at least in America) with an increasing desire from the general beer-drinking public for high-quality, artisan brews. So from the well-known craft brewers to the micro brewers with cult-like followings, there are a lot of beers out there to try. With such a selection, it would be really helpful if there was an app that could keep track of the beers I’ve drank, the beers I want to try, and help me find those beers near me.

Oh wait, that app is real and it’s called Untappd, an easy to use (and amazingly designed) tool for avid craft beer drinkers and novices alike.

untappd beer app

With Untappd You Can:

  • Keep track of the beers you’ve tried. Save the beers you’ve tried, along with your ratings and notes, to create a personal beer log of what you’ve tasted, where and when you tasted it, and whether or not you liked it.
  • Keep track of the beers you want to try. Add beers that you’ve discovered or searched for in the app to your wish list and never forget a beer you want to try.
  • Find great beer near you. Whether it’s beer from your wish list, a beer you’ve searched for, or a popular beer in your area, just tap the “Find It” button to see where you can drink or buy it nearby.
  • Learn about beer. When you find a beer in Untappd, you can click to see user reviews, a professional description, and similar beers.
  • Find beer bars and breweries near you. Looking for a good place to drink beer tonight? Find the best places and get an idea of what’s on tap.

untappd beer app

So whether you’re just getting into craft beer or already and aficionado, Untappd is a helpful tool to have in your pocket. It’s handy for casual and occasional beer drinking, but could also come in really handy at larger beer festivals and events. Personally, I wish I had this app to keep track of the beers I liked when I attended Savor: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience this past June in New York City. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to remember the names of your favorite beers after 25+tastings. That being said, drink responsibly.


Price: FREE

Download it here: iPhone and Android.


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  1. JenniferSeptember 16, 2013 at 6:49 am #

    Thanks Trevor! I just used this app for the first time this weekend at a MicroBrew Festival. It was soooo helpfuL!! Such a great way to keep track of what I liked and didn’t and I didn’t lose track of all the beers when tasting a ton. I’ll definitely be pulling it up again when I’m out for a beer!

    • Trevor MorrowSeptember 16, 2013 at 10:23 am #

      Hey Jennifer — that’s awesome! Really glad it came in handy. I think this app is the perfect companion for beer events. It never easy to remember everything you tried and what you though of them.

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