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I don’t consider myself a great photographer, or really a photographer at all. One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, I’ll pick up a few books, maybe take a class, buy a decent camera, gain a better understanding of light, put in enough hours of practice, and then, maybe I’ll be able to call myself a photographer without feeling like a fraud.

But over the past several years, I’ve traveled to many places and I’ve taken thousands of photographs along the way — some with my iPhone, some with a simple Canon point and shoot, and even some with a throw away camera.

While I may not know much about the principals of photography, I think half the battle in taking a captivating photo is putting yourself in unique, colorful and beautiful places, being present and in tune with your surroundings, and being ready to “click” when the time feels right. The photos below represent that philosophy and capture people, places, moods and moments that I’ve experienced while traveling. They are arranged in no specific order and without interruption by text and explanations, as a collage or mosaic, that can be easily scrolled through and consumed fluidly to paint one picture vs. many.

For reference, the photos below were taken in California, Montana, China, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Kenya, Germany, France, Nepal, Thailand, Turkey, the Caribbean, and while flying. These photos don’t sum up my travels, and many places I’ve traveled to aren’t represented here (with an iPhoto library bursting at the seams, I have many more favorite photos hanging out on my hard drive). But this is a start. I hope you like them and I hope they help inspire you to see the world around you with your own eyes, and through a lens.

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  1. Varun ShenoyJanuary 11, 2015 at 11:20 pm #

    Hey Trevor! Great website and I enjoyed reading your blog post. These pictures are beautifully captured. I must admire your photography skills. Each and every destination looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing these amazing photographs. I enjoyed checking them out.

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