When the paved road ends, the right pair of boots, a sturdy tent and a good backpack can take you pretty far off the beaten path. But consider how much further you’d get if you traded in your boots for huge, 46-inch military wheels, your tent for comfortable living quarters with a king size bed, shower and kitchen, and your backpack for a 38.8-foot long vehicle with a built-in garage capable of holding a small car (or a few ATVs or dirt bikes). Now you’re going places.

Meet the XV-HD, the newest adventure-loving, off-road-conquering beast from Colorado-based EarthRoamer. Debuting in summer of 2015, the XV-HD (which stands for Xpedition Vehicle – Heavy Duty) is the antithesis of the traditional RV. Unlike RVs, XVs are entirely independent of external power, water and sewer hookups. That means while RVs are tethered to RV parks and campgrounds for utility hookups, you’ll be free to get as far off the grid as humanly possible — whether that involves traversing frigid Alaskan tundra or 120-degree African deserts.

EarthRoamer perfectly sums up their preference for XVs (an industry they basically invented) on their website: “We were not interested in driving bloated, poorly constructed vehicles that had all the styling of a tool shed, only to end up camping in a packed RV park indistinguishable from a Wal-Mart parking lot.” Your move RVs.


Built on a Ford F-650, the XV-HD will be highly customizable and available in lengths ranging from 19.7-feet long to 38.8-feet long for the Toy Hauler model (which features the built-in garage mentioned above) and have the capacity to seat and sleep up to eight people. And while the rugged exterior will allow you to take on some of the world’s roughest terrain, XV interiors are ultra refined with options that include 36-inch TVs, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and wood detailing. Sure beats sleeping in a tent.

But all this self-sustaining freedom and comfort doesn’t come cheap. Pricing for the XV-HD will start around $750,000, and climb higher depending on the model and options chosen.

If $750,000 is out of your price range, try the HD’s little brother, the XV-LT (photos below). Built on a Ford F-550, the LT is available in seven different configurations and prices starts around $280,000. John Mayer has one.

Okay, maybe just start saving and stick with your boots, tent and backpack for now.

EarthRoamer XV-LT

EarthRoamer | Earth Roamer | Expedition Vehicle ER6 ER5 ER4 ER3 ER2ERinside

All photos by EarthRoamer 

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