Garmin Virb Elite

A new adventure camera hit the market this month and it’s trying to take on the the reigning champion, GoPro.

Garmin, the company best know for their GPS units (which you may remember sticking to your car’s dashboard way back before you just used the Google Maps App) has gotten into the camera business with the release of their Virb and Virb Elite action camera.

For travelers and thrill seekers looking to capture their epic adventures, GoPro has always been the go-to choice (did anyone ever buy a Sony Action Cam?). But Garmin’s Virb and Virb Elite have some great features that should make them a real contender and make choosing the right adventure camera a little harder.

Garmin Virb Elite

Here Are 8 Notable Features Of The New Garmin Virb Action Cameras:

1) No Case Necessary – Unlike the GoPro, The Garmin Virb is already housed in a durable casing and does not require a case. It’s waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes of use, and if you want to go deeper (i.e. scuba diving) then there is a case for that.

2) 3 Hour Battery Life – The Garmin Virb battery will last up to three hours while recording at 1080p, compared to the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition which will last up to one hour and 30 minutes.

3) Screen – This is a feature that many people will really like. The Garmin Virb has a built-in, full-color, 1.4” display so you can see exactly what you’re filming. The screen also comes in handy for setting up a shot or being able to instantly review footage to make sure you got the shot you wanted.

4) Large Record Switch - Compared to the Go Pro which has a small record button, you’ll never be unsure if you’re recording with the Garmin Virb. There is a huge “slide and click” record switch which takes up most of one side of the camera.

5) Stabilization Mode  The Garmin Virb comes with a digital stabilization feature which can help keep shaky and bumpy footage looking smooth.

6) Photos And Video At The Same Time – With the Garmin Virb, there is no need to switch between video and photo mode. With the push of a button you can take photos while recording video.

7) Accessories – Garmin and GoPro seem to have almost all of the same mounts, at least the most widely used ones (head mount, chest mount, write mounts, suction mounts, tripod mounts).

8) Image Quality – You’ll be able to capture great images with the Garmin Virb, but you’ll be able to capture slightly better images with the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

Garmin Virb

Price: Garmin Virb ($299.99), Garmin Virb Elite ($399.99).

Comparatively, the GoPro Hero 3 White Edition costs $199.99, the Silver Edition costs $299.99, and the Black Edition costs $399.99.

Photo Credit: Photos via Garmin

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