EnerPlex Jumper Slate 5K Review EnerPlex Surfr AMP Review

My iPhone is constantly dying.

Really, it blows my mind that we can send robots to Mars but no one has figured out a way to make an iPhone battery last an entire day.

This is especially true, and frustrating, when I’m traveling — becasue when I’m traveling I’m constantly taking photos and video on my phone, using Google Maps and multiple other apps, like Snapchat, which is an absolute battery obliterator. 

But until someone comes up with a longer lasting battery (I’d do it but I’m kinda busy blogging, ha), there are products like the Surfr AMP and the Jumpr Slate 5K from EnerPlex. 

I got both to keep me powered up while on my recent trip to the Galapagos and have used them since while flying, camping and even just around my house when I’m not near a power outlet.

Needless to say, both have come in very handy and now have a permanent home in my suitcase/backpack. Check them out below.


EnerPlex – Surfr AMP

EnerPlex Review EnerPlex Surfr AMP

There are plenty of iPhone battery cases out there.

They’re simple to use. You charge the case, put the case on your phone, press a button and your phone begins charging via the cases’ stored power. But what happens when you’ve drawn all the power from the case and don’t have access to a power outlet to re-charge it? Well at that point it just becomes a waste of space.

Not the EnerPlex Surfr AMP. First and foremost, the Surfr AMP’s 3,000 mAh battery can be charged via a power outlet like all the rest — and that alone will give your phone a 160% charge (that’s from a dead phone to a 100% charge, and then from a dead phone to a 60% charge). But what sets the Surfr AMP apart is its built-in solar panel. When the case’s battery is drained (or preemptively to prevent it from draining), just flip a switch and put the case in the sun. From there, it’ll slowly start to turn the sun into power for your phone — no outlet required.

Needless to say, it’s perfect when you’re in a pinch, on trips where you’re constantly on the go, or for camping or trekking trips where you’ll be away from civilization for several days. Price: $99.99

Buy It Here


EnerPlex – Jumper Slate 5K

EnerPlex Review EnerPlex Jumper Slate 5K

With its slim design and weighting in at under a half of a pound, the Jumpr Slate 5k can easily be slid into a suitcase or backpack pocket, making it the perfect travel companion.

While there’s no built in solar panel like the Surfr AMP, the Jumper Slate 5K’s 5,100 mAh battery will keep you going for quite awhile and provide several full charges for devices like iPhones, iPads and GoPros.

But the best feature is the tethered Lighting cable that neatly tucks away into the device (great for users of Apple products). That means you’ll never have to dig around for (or lose) a separate cable. Of course, you can plug in to the Jumpr’s UBS or Micro USB ports to charge devices as well.

This is something you’ll always want to have with you while traveling and comes in especially handy at airports and on planes. Price: $64.99

Buy It Here 


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