CN Tower Edge Walk Review

I love Toronto. It’s exciting, ever-changing, clean, friendly and full of things to see, do and eat.

You can catch a Blue Jays game at the Rogers Center, stroll through the funky Kensington Market neighborhood, pig out out St. Lawrence Market (a massive indoor food hall), and visit the Distillery District, where old cobblestone streets lead to shops, restaurants and Mill Street Brewery. Then there are canoe and kayak trips to Toronto’s outer islands and some incredible food tours (like this one of Leslieville – one of my favorite parts of the city).

But if all those activities sound a little tame for your liking, then you can’t leave Toronto without doing the CN Tower Edge Walk.

By far the craziest thing you can do in the city, the Edge Walk will have you walking around the OUTSIDE of the CN Tower’s main observation deck. That’s 116 stories above the ground!

While it’s not new (it opened in summer of 2011), I’ve been wanting to do the Edge Walk for a few years now — and didn’t have time to on my last trip to Toronto. So on my most recent trip to the city, for the Toronto International Film Festival, I made sure to make time for a walk.

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Fast Facts

CN Tower height: 1,815.4 ft

Edge Walk height: 1,168.0 ft — or about 116 stories above the ground.

The CN Tower was completed in 1976 and held the title of “world’s tallest freestanding structure” for over 30 years. It remains the tallest freestanding structure in the Western Hemisphere.

The CN Tower is considered one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

On clear days, visitors to the Edge Walk and observation decks can see for over 100 miles — all the way to New York State across Lake Ontario. And on really clear days, visitors can see mist rising from Niagara Falls on the horizon.


Going up!

CN Tower Edge Walk Review

CN Tower Edge Walk Review


 Do I look scared? Becasue I’m definitely not scared.

CN Tower Edge Walk Review

After checking in at “Basecamp” on the ground floor, members of the Edge Walk’s friendly (and reassuring) staff will help you get geared up in a special red jumpsuit and harness.


 Look at those tiny people!

CN Tower Edge Walk Review

The photo on the left shows Edge Walkers, as seen from the ground, hanging off the edge. The photo on the right shows the roof of the main observation deck and the Edge Walk track as seen from the SkyPod (the smaller and uppermost observation deck).


The Edge Walk track (atop the main observation deck) as seen from the Sky Pod

CN Tower Edge Walk Review

I hope you’re not afraid of heights! At 1,465 feet above the ground, the SkyPod remains one of the highest observation decks in the world (and your Edge Walk ticket will get you in). But be sure to visit the lower observation deck too — there’s a glass floor on which you can stand and look 1,122 feet straight down!


The CN Tower from afar

CN Tower Edge Walk Review

The CN Tower is visible from all over the city. As it catches your eye from different vantage points, you’ll think to yourself “I can’t believe I’m going to be WALK AROUND THE OUTSIDE of that!”


And finally…drum roll please…

CN Tower Edge Walk Review
CN Tower Edge Walk Review

 Lead by your trusted guide, you’ll spend about 30 minutes outside and complete one full circle around the Edge Walk. Along the way, you’ll learn about the city and surrounding buildings…and oh yeah…complete some terrifyingly exhilarating tasks. You’ll start by putting your toes over the edge and looking down (insane). Then, you’ll turn around and walk backwards until you heels are over the edge, then lean out and back over the city (yes, really). Finally, you’ll graduate to the forward lean, which involves keeping your feet firmly plated on the platform and leaning out and over the edge (bonkers).

Then, after a few congratulatory high fives, you’ll be back inside, proud that you actually went through with it — and ready to show everyone the photos!


Check out this short Instagram video I made using footage from my Edge Walk


Cost: $195 (CAD)

Includes video, printed photos and access to both observation decks. 

Book Here 

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