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Have you wondered where the rich and famous stay when visiting New York City? In their big New York City apartments, of course. But what about the millionaires who don’t have a New York City apartment?  Don’t feel bad for them because they know exactly where to go — straight to the Peninsula Suite at The Peninsula New York.

At 3,300 square feet and occupying almost the entire 19th floor, the Peninsula Suite is 1,000 square feet larger than the average American home — and in New York City, that’s a mansion. Complete with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a library, kitchen, dinning room and large living room, the Peninsula suite prides itself on feeling like a grand residence, not simply a hotel suite. So what does it cost to rest your head in this home away from home in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Brace yourself. $24,000 per night.

For many millionaires, however, the price is worth every penny. The suite features amazing city views (including one straight down Fifth Avenue),  marble, chrome, mahogany and crystal finishes throughout, beautiful works of art on the walls, a grand piano in the living room, an 80-inch TV for watching movies and a fireplace. Starting to feel like home yet? Wait, it get’s better. When it’s time to sleep in the city that never does, the Peninsula Suite comes with a “sleep menu” which allows guests to customize their sleep experience with a choice of luxury linens, pillows and duvets.

Then of course there’s the round-trip airport transfers in the hotels’ BMW 7-series, someone to unpack, press, and repack your clothes and an unlimited bar customized with the wine and liquor of your choice. Let’s not forget all that. So raise your glass, here’s to living in the lap of luxury.

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The Peninsula Suite at the Peninsula New York on Trevor Morrow Travel (

Is $24,000 per night not quite what you planned on spending on your next trip to NYC? Not a problem. How’s $595? Yes, that’s still expensive but when put next to $24,000 it doesn’t seem that bad. $595 will get you a 370 square foot Superior Room with a king size bed (of course, keep in mind that prices fluctuate based on date and time of booking — check available rates here). If the interior facing views of the Superior Room just won’t cut it and you want to wake up to a view over Fifth Avenue, upgrade to a Grand Luxe Room for $795.

Sweeten the deal: To slash those prices just a little more (and save up for a stay in the The Peninsula Suite) book your room in conjunction with The Peninsula’s Winter Moments package which is available now through March 15, 2014. With the Winter Moments package you’ll receive special rates on rooms (ex. save $100 on a Grade Luxe Room), an upgrade to the next room category, daily American breakfast for two and complimentary WiFi. If you book a suite with the Winter Moments package, you’ll also get a $200 hotel credit to use at any of the hotel’s restaurants, bars or spa.





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