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I love inspiring travel videos. More than words, more than photos, I think video inspires us to see the world. I’m always coming across travel videos that inspire me to travel, and this list includes some of my favorites, as well as a few I recently stumbled across.

So sit back, relax and spend some time checking these out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed and you’ll leave inspired to see the world.

1) A Story For Tomorrow

With an epic narration, A Story For Tomorrow brings you along on a couple’s five-week journey through Chile, from the Atacama desert to Patagonia. Along with awe inspiring shots, this video raises a simple yet thought provoking question about life, “Did you enjoy your story?”

We’re responsible for writing the story of our life. We can choose to fill that story with adventure, new places, experiences, people and love, or we can choose to sit back and let life pass us by from our comfort zones. So, will your story be one worth retelling?


2) Gunther Holtorf’s 23 Year Road Trip

This videos shares one of the greatest non-fiction travel stores of all time. It tells the tale of Gunther Holtorf, a German man who, along with his wife, set out on an 18-month road trip through Africa which turned into a 23-year odyssey around the world.

Over the years, Gunther has put more than 500,000 miles on his trusted Mercedes G Wagen (you may have read about Gunther in #8 of this TMT post) and appears to still be going strong — although there’s no real way of knowing. That’s because Gunther travels for travel’s sake. As the video describes him, Gunther is one of “human history’s greatest individual travelers,” but he’s done it all under the radar. There’s no blog where he writes about his adventures, no social media feeds and no “Where’s Gunther” app sponsored by a big company. He seems like a truly amazing guy who I’d love to meet one day.


3) Andrew Evans – Open Road, Open Life – TedX Talk

Although this video is long, I’d highly recommend watching the whole thing. In it, National Geographic Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans, talks about the difference between tourism and travel, as well as how technology, fear and over planning get in the way of experiencing wonder when we travel.

One of my favorite quotes from his talk is this: “The way we gain trust is through travel…Most people are wonderful and trustworthy and travel teaches us this constantly.” Make sure to stick around to the end when he makes some more fantastic points.


4) Whale Fantasia by GoPro

Chances are you’ve seen a clip from this video in a GoPro television commercial. But until recently, I didn’t know there was a entire six-minute video from which that clip was taken. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the footage, I won’t ruin it for you by describing it here.

If the imagery wasn’t insanely inspiring enough, the video features audio of British philosopher Alan Watts and his piece, The Dream Of Life. This video reminds me how massive the world is, who (and what) we share it with and really makes me want to explore the oceans more when I travel. I won’t be free diving anytime soon, but I definitely need to get my scuba certification.


5) Colour Film Of London In 1927

This may seem like a strange choice for an inspiring travel video, but the first time I watched it, I was captivated by it. It showcases some of the first color footage ever shot of London, providing a one-of-a-kind glimpse into life in this city. I think one of the main reasons I found this video so interesting was the fact that it’s real. Usually when we see color footage of a city’s past, it’s part of a movie and it’s all make believe.

One of my favorite parts begins at 4:18 when the camera makes its way through a crowded street. I think it’s important when we travel to understand the history of a destination as it gives you a greater understanding of and appreciation for its current state.


6) Choice

From the same people who brought you number one on this list comes Choice, another inspiring travel tale with a narration that’ll make you want to get up right now and go somewhere amazing (and in the case of Choice, go somewhere amazing with someone you love). I featured this video on TMT right after it came out and I like it so much that I had to share it again here. It brings you along on a couple’s four-week journey through Mozambique and South Africa, (SPOILER ALERT) a trip in which the guy proposes to the girl.

It’s great to travel by yourself or with friends, but this video always inspires me to travel with someone special (now I just need to find a girlfriend haha).

Yes, I’m including one of my own videos on the list. In this video, which I produced about a year ago, you see me playing a young professional living a mundane life filled with traffic and office work. During lunch, I see a girl looking at a big map of the city and it reminds me of my days as a traveler. So, I pull out my computer, look through some of my old travel footage, drop everything (having been reminded of my love for and desire to travel) and set out on a little adventure.


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