Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot

In the market for an insanely comfortable pair of hiking boots? Look no further than the Tor Ultra High WP from Hoka One One. 

If you’re a serious road or trail runner, you’ve heard of Hoka, makers of game-changing running shoes with a cult-like following of fans who sing the praises of Hoka’s uniquely constructed and highly cushioned soles. If you haven’t heard of Hoka, it’s time to get familiar — and with the introduction of their first non-running shoe, the Tor Ultra High WP hiking boot, a new legion of Hoka fans are about to be born.

Constructed with their signature cushioning and Meta-Rocker geometry found in their running shoes (see below for details),  the Tor Ultra High WP also features a soft and flexible leather and nylon upper collar that provides support around the ankle, Vibram MegaGrip outsole for serious traction in wet and dry conditions, and breathable eVent waterproofing to keep your feet dry.

I recently field tested Hoka’s Tor Ultra High WP on a long hike in Los Padres National Forest, whose southern boundary lies about one hour and 30 minutes northwest of Los Angeles, and I can confidently say that these boots are incredible.

Sure they may look a little like moon boots and they won’t give you that classic outdoorsman look, but who cares!  When you’re hiking for miles on end, you want something that’s light, supportive and comfortable — and the Tor Ultra High WP are insanely comfortable.

Unlike most hiking or trekking boots which require you break them in before taking them on a serious hike, the Tor Ultra High WP is ready to wear right out of the box. Plus, the Meta-Rocker geometry which Hoka is famous for helps you walk with a smooth and natural gate.

So while their look might surprise your hiking partners at first, just wait until you reach the end of your hike or your camp for the night, and see whose feet and legs feel the best — guaranteed it’ll be yours.

Note, however, that these boots don’t have an ultra-sold toe cap and the outsole, while it provides great traction, is just slightly softer than some other more rugged boots. So if you plan on tackling very rocky terrain, there is likely a better suited (be it slight less comfortable) boot for your needs.

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review  Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Hoka One One Technology (AKA Why These Boots Are So Comfortable)

Hoka One One makes some of the best and most comfortable running shoes in the world. With their Tor Ultra HI WP boot, they integrated the technology used in their running shoes to give these boots an unparalleled level or comfort and stability.

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP Hiking Boot Review

Price: $230

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Disclosure: Hoka provided me with a pair of  Tor Ultra High WP boots to field test. All opinions and reviews are entirely my own (seriously, I can’t wait to wear this again). 


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