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Looking for the latest in high tech gear that’ll enhance you travel experience? You’re in luck because there’s a bevy of new products on or approaching the market that’ll do just that — and do it in style.

I spoke with FlightHub, an online travel agency, about which travel tech accessories they rely on to keep them going on the road, or which they can’t wait to get their hands on. FlightHub reviews all aspects of travel, including the best travel gear, so using their expertise, I narrowed it down to three top notch accessories you’ll want with you on your next trip.


Bluesmart Carry-On

Bluesmart Luggage

The concept of a high tech luggage is just starting to catch on. While past “smart bags” have focused mostly about charging your electronics, the Bluesmart Carry-On does that and touts some innovative security features too, features that the folks at FlightHub can’t wait to see adopted by the broader luggage industry.

Most impressively, using the accompanying app, your bag can be locked and unlocked remotely via bluetooth communication. In addition to remote locking, the app also locks the bag automatically if you get a certain distance away from it. Working in lockstep with this feature, the app allows your bag to be tracked as it makes its way through the airport. In addition to these features, it also has built-in charging, allowing you to keep your accessories charged as you travel.


Plastc Card


Its been awhile since we’ve seen revolutionary advancements in the credit card industry. That could change with Plastc. Think of it as a credit card aggregator that fits in your wallet. This card allows you to combine all your credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards into one single card. Now that may sound like a huge security risk, but this card also actively disables your NFC and magnetic strip unless you select a specific card. Thanks to bluetooth technology, you can also wipe the card remotely and receive proximity alerts if you get too far away from the card. So essentially you can reduce wallet bulk, lose no functionality, and ultimately have a more secure card carrying experience. This could be a game changer.


AMPL Lab SmartBag


While there are plenty of bags with built in batteries, few do it as well and as stylishly as the AMPL Lab SmartBag. This bag allows you to charge six devices at the same time. Six!

But that’s not the only feature the folks over FlightHub love. The companion app for this bag allows you to monitor the battery levels of all your devices while they charge. You can even set charging priorities, which allow you to charge urgently needed devices faster than less needed ones. This means if you need your phone ASAP and are concerned about your tablet using up all your juice, you can set the priority on the app to dedicate more power to your phone. For travelers running chargeable devices like phones, tablets and cameras while on the road, this is the bag you need.


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