The Whaling Club: Cocktail Connoisseur Bonus

Dan Scott The Whaling Club

Dan Scott of The Whaling Club describes his Cherry Caipirita cocktail and shares his recipe so you can make it yourself this summer.

Cherry Caipirita 

The Cherry Caipirita is based on a very well known Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha, which contains cachaca, lime, and sugar. The drink is almost always served in a very rustic style with wedges of lime muddled with sugar in the glass along with cracked ice and a healthy pour of cachaca. When tequila is used in place of cachaca, the drink is often times called a Caipirita. 

One of the best thing about Southern California is the accessibility to all of the incredible fruit that grows out here. Cherries have such a short season, so I wanted to take advantage while they were good. I try to keep the basic integrity of all my ingredients as much as possible, so simply muddling these in with the limes and sugar seemed to bring out the best expression of flavor. 

I chose a blanco tequila to really bring out those bright flavors found in fresh citrus and fruit, and served it on the rocks with cracked ice and garnished with a wedge of lime. 


2 oz blanco tequila
3/4 oz simple syrup
6 pieces lime
3 cherries
Muddle all ingredients in shaker. Add cracked ice and shake. Pour ingredients into glass and garnish with a wedge of lime


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