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Wingsuit flying is without a doubt, the most insane, balls to the wall activity that a human can do on planet earth. By now you’ve seen a few crazy wingsuit flying videos of the daredevil dudes (and a few ladies) who carve through the skies and skim along cliffs like superheros. Aside from the “holy sh*t, no f#&king way” moments, one of the best parts about wingsuit flying videos are the geographically dumbfounding locations they take place in — since by default, wingsuit flying requires a massive cliff to leap from (when not launching from a plane or helicopter).

So for your viewing pleasure, I compiled eight of my favorite (and possibly some of the best ever) wingsuit flying videos that take place in beautiful and diverse locations around the world. As you watch these, really, I mean really, try and imagine yourself in a wingsuit, seeing what these athletes are seeing and feeling how they must be feeling. Mind. blown.

 1) Chamonix, France

2) New York City

3) Mt. Everest, Nepal

4) Australia

5) Switzerland

6) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7) Spain

8) China

BONUS VIDEO, Updated 2/19/15 – Switzerland


And finally, load up your iPod with this classic and begin researching the best wingsuit flying suits for beginners

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