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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is ending.

Okay, fine — going by the equinoxes and not the school schedule, you still have almost a month left to make the most of the season. That’s plenty of time to check into a quirky hoteltake a road trip or zoom down a few water slides.

But be warned: That month is going to fly by and before you know it, you’ll be putting on an extra layer and holding a pumpkin spice latte. So, to create some urgency, here’s a countdown clock so that you can visualize, down to the second, just how quickly summer is fading.

Now that you’re feeling sufficiently motivated, how about ending summer 2015 with a good old fashioned camping trip? You know, one where you get in touch with nature with by hiking the top of a mountain, sleeping in a tent, and making s’mores by a campfire.

Or, maybe you aren’t the camping type. Maybe you want something a little easier, a little more buttoned up, a little more comfortable. We don’t slight you or begrudge your indulgence. We get it. What about ending your summer with a good old fashioned glamping trip? You know, one where you get in touch with nature by taking a helicopter to the top of a mountain, sleeping in a $1,000 per night tent-palace, and watching your camp butler toast your s’more for you.

Decadent? Sure. But you deserve it. It’s the great outdoors fused with luxury tourism. Still, if you’re going to spend the money, you’d better get the value. Here are six places that do it right.

The List Includes:

The Ranch at Rock Creek - Philipsburg, Montana

Nimmo Bay - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Dunton Hot SpringsDunton, Colorado

Clayoquot Wilderness ResortVancouver Island, British Columbia

The Resort At Paws Up – Greenough, Montana

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