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Your iPhone is your most important travel tool. Whether it’s figuring out where you’re going on a map, getting a ride through a ride sharing app, translating a sentence into another language, or most importantly, sharing your travel photos on social media, your iPhone comes in handy every step of the way.

But unfortunately, these several hundred dollar, fragile, slip-right-out-of-your-hand, constantly dying devices usually don’t mix well with life on the road. Which is why finding the best iPhone accessories for traveling is so important. iPhone accessories that’ll keep your iPhone alive and well — and thus, keep you happy.

So fear not, with the addition of these 5 iPhone accessories to your suitcase, you’ll be able to keep your phone protected, changed, and ready to take the best vacation photos ever.

5 iPhone Accessories For Traveling


Catalyst – Waterproof Case

best iphone accessories for travel

Perfect for diving into the ocean, playing in a pool or riding down a mountain, the Catalyst case is waterproof up to 16.4 feet and drop proof from 6.6 feet. So feel free to bring your iPhone snorkeling (hello selfie with a sea turtle), mountain biking, or snowboarding without ever having to worry. See my full review here$Price: 69.99

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OlloClip – 4-In-1 Lens

best iphone accessories for travel

For iPhoneographers looking to take their photo game to the next level, there’s the OlloClip 4-In-1 lens. Featuring a fisheye lens, a 10x macro lens, a 15x Macro lens, and a wide-angle lens, the Olloclip easily fits over the top of your iPhone and works with both the front and rear-facing cameras. Trust me, the wide angle lens, which drastically expands what you can fit in the frame, will do wonders for your travel photos and videos. Price: $79.99

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Mophie – Juice Pack Ultra

best iphone accessories for travel

Traveling reeks havoc on your iPhone’s already terrible battery life. So before your iPhone dies while you’re lost and looking at a map or right before you take the perfect photo, get a Juice Pack Ultra from Mophie. Just put this combination battery and case on your iPhone and get a 150% charge (i.e. a full charge and a half) in no time. Day = saved. Mophie also offers slightly cheaper models, but they offer less of a charge — I say go big or go home. Price: $149.95

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Stower – FlameStower

best iphone accessories for travel

For travelers heading off the grid for a longer period of time, like three or more days camping in the backcountry, you need to be electricity-independent. Enter FlameStower, a nifty device that uses the power of fire to charge your USB connected devices like your iPhone and GoPro. So whether you’re cooking or sitting around a bonfire, you can now charge your phone at the same time. #s’mores. Price: $99.99

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 Speck – Candyshell Card Case

best iphone accessories for travel

Any opportunity to travel light is one that should always be taken. So ditch your bulky wallet or purse the next time you head out on the town and instead use a Candyshell Card Case from Speck. The card case features room for three cards, like your ID, a credit card, and a debit card, as well as room for cash. Price: $39.95

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