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While the glitz and glamor of flying has continuously faded since the advent of commercial air travel, remnants of the luxuries of yesteryear still remain in first class cabins across the industry.

Whether its the legroom, the spacious chairs or access to exclusive amenities, the perks of flying at the front of the plane are numerous. Sure the cost can be prohibitive to many flyers, but devoted first class flyers know that once you move to the front of the plane, its hard to move back.

FlightHub, an online travel agency, understands why people choose to fly first class (and why so many people strive for a first class upgrade). FlightHub reviews what customers say about their travel experiences and they’ve identified the top three reasons (beyond bigger seats, better meals and free booze) that flyers choose to fly first class.



FC Ethiad

If you’re the business type, flying first class not only allows you to go from meeting to meeting in maximum comfort, but it also allows you to commune with other first class flying professionals according to FlightHub. Who knows, maybe the person sitting next to you is someone you can poach for your company, launch your startup with or simply do business with. In addition to business prospects, flying first class lends itself to the possibility of sitting next to a celebrity. While such a seat neighbor may not benefit your career, it’ll certainly be a really cool story to share with your friends.


First On, First Off

FC Singaporel

If you really value your time and are always optimizing the elements of your life just to get where you’re going faster, first class is for you. You’ll always be the first one on the plane (allowing you to quickly relax or get to work), and the first one off the plane (which means you’ll be first through customs on international flights, saving you time). And since there’re usually more available overhead bin space in first class, you’ll almost never have to check your carry-on (saving time at the baggage carousel).

In addition to these perks, first class passengers often can take advantage of expedited security clearances, meaning you can show up to the airport later and get through security faster than other passengers. Honestly, first class is the only way for those who obsess about efficiency when it comes to travel.



FC Cathay-Pacific

If you like being efficient, you probably also like to be productive. Flying first class enhances your productivity by providing you with a comfortable place to work while traveling across the country or around the globe. More spacious surroundings, a quieter environment and all the amenities to help you stay focused add up to form a professional workspace where you can catch up and get ahead of your busy work life.

Also helping you stay productive are the better sleeping arrangements. If you can get a decent night’s sleep in a comfortable lie flat bed on your red-eye or international flight, you’ll arrive fresh and ready to hit the ground running according to FlightHub.


All photos courtesy of their respective airlines. Top photo: British Airways. In order of appearance: Ethiad, Cathay Pacific, Singapore

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