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From as early as I can remember, I’ve always loved being at airports and being on airplanes. The process of traveling, the journey from packing a bag to landing in a new place, fascinates me.

Sure I’m in awe of the engineering, the science, and the absolutely gigantic global infrastructure and sheer number of people it takes to make flying possible — but what really fills me with wonder, is what airplanes allow us to do. To travel across continents, to travel to the other side of the world, to see things we’ve only dreamed of, to eat things we’ve never heard of, to meet people entirely different from ourselves yet somehow the same — and to reach these places and experiences in just a matter of hours.

Think about it — from wherever you’re sitting and reading this, just a few hours away from your very location, are foreign lands, cultures, cuisines, beaches, mountains, deserts and jungles waiting to be explored. Again, it’s all within just a few hours of wherever you’re sitting right now. That is awe inspiring.

And the new 47-minute long documentary from National Geographic, Living In The Age Of Airplanes, which will be released on select giant screen, digital, and IMAX® digital cinemas around the world on April 10th, aims to remind us just how awe inspiring airplanes (and what they allow us to do) are.

Here’s what the film’s producer and director, Brian J. Terwilliger, had to say in a statement about the film:

“Since we were all born into a world with airplanes, it’s hard to imagine that jet travel itself is only 60 years old, just a tick on the timeline of human history,” said Terwilliger. “Yet practically overnight, our perception of crossing continents and oceans at 500 mph has turned from fascination to frustration. I want to reignite people’s wonder for one of the most extraordinary aspects of the modern world.”

Now, get ready to feel some crazy emotions as you watch the documentary’s two trailers:

Living In The Age Of Airplanes Trailer 2 (Narrated by Harrison Ford) – Released on March 31, 2015

 Living In The Age Of Airplanes Trailer 1 – Released on December 17, 2014

You can find out where and how to see Living In The Age Of Airplanes, right here.

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Trevor Morrow
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