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The deserts of Southern California are home to three new national monuments totaling 1.8 million acres of protected land. You can thank President Obama who used the Antiquities Act to turn these beautiful and ecologically important desert landscapes into the 20th, 21st, and 22nd national monuments created during his time in office (others can be found in places like ColoradoNorthern California, Texas, and Nevada).

So what can you expect from California’s new wild reserves? To start, rugged 10,000-foot peaks, desert grasslands teaming with life, pristine Joshua tree forests, and Native American archeological sites — not to mention some of the best places to stargaze and seek solitude. Here’s a crash course on the state’s three new national monuments.


Click here to read the full article, and find out more about California’s three new national monuments (including where they are and what to see and do there).



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