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Cologne is one of the last things I though I’d write about on this site.

Why? Because I really don’t like cologne. I’m all for smelling good, but I’ve never found a cologne I liked, or one that didn’t stink up the whole room with just one spray. Plus, cologne is annoying to travel with. You can’t bring the bottle you keep in your bathroom at home with you on a plane (almost all exceed 100ml, the maximum amount of liquid you can carry on a plane) and no dude has those little sample size bottles of cologne.

Bottom line, cologne sucks.

At least that’s what I thought before I found Fulton & Roark, makers of solid, wax-based colognes. Really, they’re unlike cologne in every way you think about cologne, including the scents which are original, masculine and subtle. Think of it this way, wearing traditional cologne is like saying “ATTENTION WORLD, I’M WEARING COLOGNE,” people can smell you. When you’re wearing Fulton & Roark cologne, you just smell like you, but better.

And the best part, aside from the three scents on offer (of which Shackleford is my go-to, but I like them all), is how easy they are the travel with. Housed in a tough, square, brushed metal case with a hinged, slide-to-open top, this cologne takes up no space. Needless to say, its become a staple in my travel toiletry bag.

To apply, just use your finger to transfer the wax-based cologne from the container to your neck (or wherever you want to put it).

Tip: After a long flight, it’s easy to discreetly put some on (you don’t even need to get up from your seat) so you can arrive at your destination smelling and feeling fresh.

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Price: $42

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