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I love Malibu. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles — and I escape to Malibu a lot.

At about 40 minutes from LA (depending where in the city you live and where in Malibu you’re going), the drive isn’t too bad — and the second you see the Pacific Ocean, hear the crashing waves and smell the salt air, memories of any traffic jams experienced in route fade away.

Before departing, however, you should know that the weather in Malibu can be unpredictable and temperatures can vary widely depending on time of day and where you are (i.e. inland mountains or by the beach). That’s why whenever I go to Malibu I pack day bag with clothes that are the opposite of what I wear there (so if I’m wearing pants, I bring shorts; if I’m wearing a t-shirt, I bring a flannel or hoodie). Not only is it a good idea weather-wise, sometimes you just don’t know where your day will take you! And in Malibu that can be on a hike, or to the beach or going to a nice restaurant.

On this adventure, I wore shorts and a short sleeve button up for a casual beach lunch, and brought a change of clothes for the evening (just something a bit nicer and a bit warmer). I only brought one pair of shoes though, my Rockport Harbor Point Lace to Toe sneakers which case easily be dressed down or dressed up.


Daytime Chillin’

While Malibu has its fair share of oceanside restaurants, none of them are located directly on the sand — except for the Beach Cafe at Paradise Cove.

This place has been here for decades and is a Malibu institution. That being the case, Paradise Cove can be busy, especially on weekends during prime dining hours. Ideally, you’ll want to visit on a weekday, but if you can’t, don’t sweat it, it’s still beautiful (these photos were taken on a Sunday afternoon). And while some may call this place touristy, I say “what restaurant right on the beach in Malibu isn’t going to be visited by tourists?!” Followed by a, “so what!

For lunch, the cafe serves standard beach fare (think: burgers, giant bowls of fried calamari, and fish and chips) and offers indoor seating, outdoors seating with tables in the sand, and an outdoor to-go counter which services those sitting on the beach.

RP M 1

RP M 12

Right outside, you’ll find the Paradise Cove pier. This old pier is a true Malibu landmark, and a walk to the end will give you a nice view of the rugged coastline.

RP M 11

RP M 10

Post lunch, catching some rays on the Paradise Cove pier.

RP M 3

Like I said, weekends can be busy at Paradise Cove, but one way to ensure you have a comfortable spot on the beach (and access to all the food and drink you could possibly need) is to rent a Beach Bed. For $60 for the day, you’ll get two comfortable beach chairs (the yellow ones seen here), two towels and an umbrella. If you like to be a little further away from the action, request a Beach Bed further down the beach towards the cliff.

Alternatively, bring a towel and walk down the beach (around the cliff) to find a quieter spot to soak up the sun.

RPM 20


On To The Evening!

After chilling at Paradise Cove for a few hours, the sun started to set — and man, there’s nothing quite like a Malibu sunset.

So to ready myself for the cooler temperatures, and for dinner, I switched my shorts for broken-in chinos and my Hawaiian shirt for a relaxed white oxford — then made my way to Malibu Pier.

Another iconic pier, this one much bigger than the one at Paradise Cove, Malibu Pier is home to Malibu Farms (a restaurant at the beginning of the pier) and Malibu Farms Pier Cafe (a casual cafe at the end of the pier).

RP M 9

RPM 21

At the end of the pier, Malibu Farms Cafe is a show stopper. Inside, you’ll order at the counter and take a number. While there are a few tables inside for cooler nights, you’ll most likely want to dine on the upstairs deck (top right photo above).

RP M 8

Located at the beginning of the pier where the waves lap against the shore, Malibu Farm (the restaurant) is split into two sections — the outdoor section seen here (where I ate on this trip) and a bright and airy indoor section (to the left, not pictured).

RP M 7

RP M 6

RP M 5

Nothing beats a sunset stroll down the Malibu Pier!

RP M 4

The restaurant lit up at night. [Now look at this photo and imagine the rhythmic sound of gently crashing waves]

RP M 2

 I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, I love Malibu!


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Shoes: Harbor Point Lace to Toe by Rockport

Shirts: Hawaiin Shirt by J.Crew (no longer available). Vintage Oxford Shirt by J.Crew

Sunglasses: Francis Titanium by Shwood

Hoodie: Cashmere Silk Lightweight Zip Hoodie by Lanai Collection

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