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It seems that every few months there’s a new Kickstarter campaign for a piece of carry-on luggage. Luckily, there’s still plenty of room for innovation in the tired world of suitcases, so I say “keep ‘em coming.”

The newest player on the field is Barracuda, a San Francisco based company hoping to make your travel life a little easier with their collapsible carry-on. What the bag lacks style (keep in mind this is a relatively bare bones suitcase with few exterior embellishments or interior frills), the Barracuda makes up for in functionality — mainly the ability to fold the bag up for easy storage when it’s not in use.

As one of those people who completely unpacks their suitcase as soon as I get to a hotel (I put my clothes away in the dresser and hang what needs to be hung in the closet), I really like the idea of being able to fold up my luggage and stow it out of sight.  Plus, when you’re at home, where suitcases do nothing but take up space, the Barracuda can easily be stored in tight spots, like under a bed.

Rounding out the list of smart features (watch the video below to learn more) are an innovative swivel handle that moves with you, a built-in USB charger, and a built-in adjustable tray that’s perfect for holding your laptop of an airport meal.

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FUND THIS NOW: Purchase a Barracuda though the company’s Kickstarter campaign. Bags are currently available for $230.

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