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1) It’s Memorial Day weekend, and that means it’s time to break out the ol’ BBQ and brush up on your grilling basics. If that’s not enough, you might want to try BBQ University, a 3 day course in Colorado.

2) What’ll pair nicely with the BBQ’d meats you’ll be slinging? Whisky cocktails, that’s what. If beer is more your thing, keep an eye out for Mmmhops from Hanson…you know, the guys that brought you Mmmbob…get it?

3) If the rain ruins your BBQ plans this weekend and the only thing that’ll make you feel better is flipping through a slideshow of awesome tree house hotels, you’re in luck. OK, so this one has nothing to do with Memorial Day, I just really want to stay in a treehouse.

4) If you don’t have plans this weekend, check out this list of great places to spend Memorial Day. If you live nearby, get in your car and go! If not, there’s always that hill in your front hard, the tarp in the garage, and a hose (it’s slip and slide time!). Bottom line: create your own fun this weekend.

5) And lastly, you’ll need some tunes. Here are two songs from Crystal Fighters because I couldn’t pick one. They’ll make you want to tap your hands on your steering wheel and drive someplace new (see #4). Pick up their album (it comes out this Monday) and add it to your summer music mix.

 Have a great weekend!

Photo Credit: 1 – Joe McKendry. 2- Kimberley Hasselbrink . 3- Tsala Treetop Lodge . 4- William Struhs/Spoleto Festival. 5 – Crystal Fighters

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