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Chances are you have an iPhone. And if your experience owning an iPhone has been anything like mine, you’ve cracked your screen and destroyed your entire phone due to water damage more than once. But still, Apple continues to make iPhones that are fragile, sensitive to water and easily slip out of your hand — and yes, we continue to buy them.

Luckily where the iPhone fails, the new, waterproof and shockproof Catalyst iPhone 6 case picks up the slack and turns your mobile device into the adventure-ready machine you always wished it was. Seriously, if you’re a traveler and find yourself chilling on the beach, relaxing by a pool or skiing down a mountain, the Catalyst case is your iPhone’s new best friend.

First and foremost, this sleek little case is waterproof up to 16.4 feet (5 meters), which’ll allow you to go way deeper than competing cases. So if you’re snorkeling or doing some shallow scuba diving, you’ll be able to bring your phone with you, snap some pics and post them as soon as you reach the surface. And then there’s boating, kayaking, paddle boarding or simply walking around a new city on a rainy day — just a few more scenarios where your Catalyst case will come in handy.

Being waterproof also means the Catalyst case has no problem handling snow, making it the perfect case to take with you on a ski trip or any other wintertime journey. I took my Catalyst case on a recent snowboarding trip to Heavenly Mountain in Lake Tahoe and never worried once about ruining my phone (see the photos below). And dirt — that won’t pose a problem either. Feel free to go hiking or ATVing without having to worry about your phone getting filthy.

Then of course there’s the benefit of the case being shock proof. Any good adventure could easily result in a smashed iPhone, so the Catalyst case can withstand drops from 6.5 feet (2 meters).

catalyst iphone casecatalyst iphone casecatalyst iphone case review waterproof iphone casecatalyst iphone case review waterproof iphone case

During my recent weekend snowboarding trip I put my Catalyst case to the test, putting it on my iPhone before departing on Friday and leaving it on until I returned home on Sunday night. What I found was that it’s not just a case you’ll want to put on for the adventurous moments — I used my phone normally, with the case on, all weekend long. I flew, made calls, checked maps, sent texts and took videos and photos and the case never got in the way or made routine tasks more difficult. On top of that, the case looks great, it’s not too bulky and it out prices the competition.

This case will definitely be coming with me on many more adventures throughout the year!

Cost: $69.99

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Thanks to Catalyst for hooking me up with an iPhone 6 case. All opinions are entirely my own. For real, I want to gift this case to every traveler I know. 

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