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It’s mind boggling to think about how far the world of aviation has come since the Wright brothers first took flight in 1903. In 111 years we’ve gone from essentially strapping wings on our backs and hoping for the best, to double decker airplanes with on-board bars and private suites — not to mention all of the technological advancements behind the scenes.

But in that same period of time, one travel necessity has barely changed at all: the suitcase. Sure we’ve added wheels, used different materials and created sleeker-looking designs, but overall, the suitcase has remained pretty much the same. That is, until now. Say hello to Bluesmart, the world’s first smart, connected carry-on:

Did you watch the video? Yeah, it’s awesome. And I bet you never knew just how much that boring suitcase sitting in your closet really sucked until now (I know how you feel). You could keep using that suitcase, after all, it carries your things just fine — but Bluesmart can do that and it’s like a mini computer on wheels with a ton of features that’ll make traveling easier. To recap, those features are:

  • Built-In Battery - With the ability to charge two devices at a time (providing 6 full charges for your phone) you’ll never be that person aimlessly wandering the terminal looking for an available outlet. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun.
  • Distance Alerts/GPS Tracking - Traveling can get hectic and if you’ve never left something behind while rushing at an airport then all I can say is, “teach me your ways, travel master.” With the Bluesmart’s distance alerts, you’ll get notified on your phone when you step out of a set distance range from your suitcase. And if you lose your suitcase all together, you can track its location on a map.
  • Smart Phone Controlled Lock - An added level of comfort when you’re traveling, Bluesmart’s smart phone controlled lock is effortless to use. Using its proximity sensors, the bag can automatically lock when you step away from it. Plus you can share access to your Bluesmart with someone else, allowing them to open your suitcase without you present.
  • Built-In Scale - Different airlines have different regulations regarding the weight of your luggage. To make sure your bluesmart never exceeds the limit, just pick it up by the handle and the weight of the bag will display on your phone. Genius.

Bluesmart Luggage

FUND THIS NOW: If you move quick, you can purchase a Bluesmart through the company’s Indigogo campaign for as little as $195 (super early adopter status). If you miss you chance, Bluesmart is aiming to release the Bluesmart carry-on to the public in July of 2015 at a retail price of around $450.

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