Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Camping is always a good time. But when you add in someone special to share your sleeping bag with, camping gets a whole lot better.

While there are tons of single person sleeping bags suited for backpacking (hiking to your campsite) and car camping (driving up to your campsite), there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to finding the best 2 person sleeping bags.

So to help you stay warm at night, I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best 2 person sleeping bags that range in price, style and intended usage scenario, perfect for couples looking to experience the great outdoors side by side

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5 Of The Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags


1) Big Agnes - Saddle Mountain SL 15 Sleeping Bag

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Big Agnes dominates the 2 person sleeping bag market by offering several options for camping couples. In addition to the Big Creek Doublewide Sleeping Bag (seen below), which is better suited for car camping, Big Agnes also offers the three-season, Saddle Mountain SL 15,  a light and technical 2 person sleeping bag perfect for couples looking to camp in the backcountry. Constructed using 600 fill Downtek water repellent down insulation, the Saddle Mountain SL 15 weighs just 3 lb. 13 oz. and features an integrated sleeve to hold your sleeping pad in place. Best of all, the Saddle Mountain SL 15 eliminates drafts (a common concern with 2 person sleeping bags) with the addition of a no-draft collar that seals around the neck of each person and a no-draft flap at the center to eliminate drafts between the sleepers. Price: $520

For another great 2 person sleeping bag from Big Agnes built with a similar construction, check out the King Solomon 15.

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2) The North Face - Dolomite Double 20 Regular Sleeping Bag

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Built for two, the North Face Dolomite Double 20 Regular Sleeping Bag is a three-season 2 person bag best suited for car camping (due to its 8 lb. 14oz. weight) and rated for use in temperatures as low as 20° Fahrenheit. While the HeatSeeker Eco synthetic insulation will keep you warm, the bags rectangular shape makes it extra roomy, giving you and your partner plenty of space to move around (it’s about the size of a queen size bed). Luckily, for such a large sleeping bag, it is also compressible which makes packing it up and hauling it with you easier. Best of all, this two person sleeping bag features full-length zippers on each side, which when unzipped and laid flat, turn this bag into a large blanket. Price: $170

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3) Mountain Hardwear – Megalamina 20 Sleeping Bag

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Built for three season use, the Mountain Hardwear Megalamina 20 is made of thermic micro synthetic insulation with a lightweight, water repellent nylon shell. Together, these materials give this 2 person sleeping bag a light-for-its-size weight of 6 lb. 3 oz., while also being highly compressible. Rated for use in temperatures as low as 20 degrees, the Megalamina 20 is spacious, especially at the top where the double wide construction provides plenty of room to roll around. Price: $230

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4) Big Agnes - Big Agnes Big Creek 30F Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Perfect for cozying up with someone special while camping during warmer months, the 5 lb. 8oz, synthetic Big Agnes Big Creek Doublewide Sleeping Bag is rated for use in temperatures as low at 30° Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius) — making it an ideal 2 person sleeping bag for car camping. Soft and comfortable, this two person sleeping bag features built in pillow pockets to hold your pillow in place and an integrated pad sleeve built into the underside of the bag to hold and keep you sleeping pads in place (you’ll need two). Plus, at just $200, it’s a best buy. Price: $200

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5) Sierra Designs – Backcountry Bed Duo Synthetic 1.5-Season Sleeping Bag

Best 2 Person Sleeping Bags For Couples

Perhaps the most unique sleeping bag design on the market, the Backcountry Bed Duo from Sierra Designs is the big brother of the Backcountry Bed, a single person sleeping bag of the same design. Built to provide an experience more similar to sleeping in your bed at home, this 4 lb. 4 oz., zipper-free sleeping bag features an innovative top comforter built into the bag that can be pulled up around your face and tucked into the sides. This 2 person model features a synthetic fill, suitable for late spring, summertime, and early fall camping — but if you’re looking for a warmer, softer and down filled two-season version of this sleeping bag, check out the Backcountry Bed Duo 600F 2-Season DriDownPrice: $250

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