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This past weekend I was in Boulder, Colorado and attended the 2013 Adventure Film Festival. It was an inspiring event filled with outdoor and adventure obsessed attendees and included a line up of incredible, adrenaline pumping and inspiring short films.

Below are my favorites from the event in their entirety (with the exception for the first video which is a trailer). So sit back, relax and prepare to be fall in love with nature all over again.

Warning: Watching these videos may make you do something adventurous. For example, I went on an eight mile hike in the mountains the next day!



Currently screening at festivals all over the world, North of the Sun is a documentary film by two adventure seeking Norwegian friends who spent nine months living and surfing along an uninhabited bay north of the Arctic Circle. Together, they build a house out of the wood and trash that washes up on shore which keeps them (somewhat) warm as they surf through the bitter cold winter. By the end of their stay, the duo collects three tons of trash which is carted away via helicopter.

North of the Sun was one of the coolest, most original, and most inspiring adventure documentaries I’ve ever seen. If you’d like to watch it, stay up to date with screening information on the film’s Facebook page.  North of the Sun was also just released through vimeo and costs $5.99 to rent and $10.00 to purchase.



This four minute long short film, narrated with a poem read by a young boy, is filled with images of extreme sports and the aforementioned young boy catching some gnarly air. The message will leave you wanting to jump up from (and off of) your desk to catch some air of your own.



Split Of A Second, a short film about wing suit flyer Eespen Fadnes, is sure to twist your stomach into knots and make you feel alive. What Fadnes does in this video is hands down the most insane thing a human can do on planet earth. Watch him master fear and live to fly another day.

“Taking that step of the cliff…it’s really about overcoming your instinct not to do it.” – Eespen Fadnes.


The Bus: A Journey Up North chronicles the journey of a group of friends over their last summer of college as they drive an old school bus which runs on recycled vegetable oil from Colorado to British Columbia. Once in Canada, the group takes part in some wild kayaking, mountain biking and surfing.



A short and sweet poem about the beauty of a life spent outside, Revelation, A Visual Poem will leave you contemplating  your life in a big city (if you live in one) and get you thinking about mountains, snow, fresh air and finding your true path.


Well, I hope these short films inspired you and left you wanting more. If so, you may want to check out Mountain Film, another great adventure film festival currently touring the country and screening many more incredible and adventurous films. To find a Mountain Film screening near you, check out their tour dates.

Lastly, whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and gearing up for winter or in the Southern Hemisphere and welcoming in summer, I hope you get outside this season, try something new and appreciate all that nature has to offer. On that note, I’ll leave you with a quote from The Bus: A Journey Up North:

“If there was one notion that this trip reinforced, it was that life is too short to not be outside exploring as much as possible.”

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