Reel Rock 2015

If you’re into climbing rocks, chances are you’ve heard of Reel Rock a one-night film event that showcases a handful of the year’s best short rock climbing films. If this is your first introduction to the film fest, get ready to be inspired.

Now in its 10th year, Reel Rock yet again has a killer line up of short films ready to wow audiences.

I attended Reel Rock’s opening night in Boulder, Colorado, which happens to be the birthplace of the festival and one of America’s most climbing-obsessed towns, and in attendence were some of films’ stars and all around climbing legends, including Tommy Coldwell and Kevin Jorgeson. After watching the films, I highly recommend you check it out — and with over 450 screenings scheduled in cities both big and small around the world, chances are you’ll be able to find a Reel Rock event near you (see the full list of show locations here).

But you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy Reel Rock — I’m not a climber but it’s something I’m interested in learning more about and trying. Even if you’re just a general outdoor adventure enthusiast, or someone who appreciates badass human beings testing their limits and the limits of nature, you will love Reel Rock.

This year’s event features three short films, one shot tribute film to climbing legend Dean Potter, and an extended first look at next years premier film, Dawn Wall – the story of Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson making history as the first people to free climb the Dawn Wall of Yosemite’s El Capitan (you probably remember it was ALL over the news in January of 2015).

See below for the Reel Rock Trailer and descriptions of this year’s films as written by Reel Rock.

Reel Rock – Trailer

Warning: if you’re squeamish, there are two potentially unsettling falls at 0:26 and 1:44

A Line Across The Sky - 35 minutes (trailer below)

The Fitz Roy traverse is one of the most sought after achievements in modern alpinism: a gnarly journey across seven jagged summits and 13,000 vertical feet of climbing. Who knew it could be so much fun? Join Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold on the inspiring – and at times hilarious – quest that earned the Piolet d’Or, mountaineering’s highest prize.

High and Mighty – 20 minutes

High ball bouldering – where a fall could lead to serious injury – is not for the faint of heart. Add to the equation a level of difficulty at climbing’s cutting edge, and things can get downright out of control. Follow Daniel Woods’ epic battle to conquer fear and climb the high ball test piece, The Process.

Showdown at Horseshoe Hell – 20 minutes

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell is the wildest event in the climbing world; a mash-up of ultramarathon and Burning Man where elite climbers and gumbies alike go for broke in a sun-up to sun-down orgy of lactic acid and beer. But all fun aside, the competition is real: Can the team of Nik Berry and Mason Earle stand up against the all-powerful Alex Honnold?

Dean Potter Tribute – 6 minutes

Dean Potter was the most iconic vertical adventurer of a generation. He has been an integral part of the REEL ROCK family since year one, starring in such classics as First Ascent, Fly or Die, Race for the Nose and Valley Uprising. Following his tragic death in May, the tour will include a stirring tribute to our friend and collaborator.

Dawn Wall: Exclusive First Look – 15 minutes

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s epic final push to free climb the Dawn Wall was a truly historic feat. It marked the greatest climbing achievement of a generation and captured the world’s imagination. As our team works on a major feature film about the event slated for next year, REEL ROCK 10 will include an exclusive first look at the drama playing out at the crux of the route.


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