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Could you go one day without shoes? Really think about it. Shoes not only give us the ability to stay warm, protected and comfortable, they also make it a whole lot easier for us to get where we need to go, to be mobile and to travel. In a way, shoes help empower us.

For too many children around the world, not having shoes is a real issue — one that has direct effects on both health and education.

That’s were TOMS comes in. By now, everyone knows TOMS — the shoe company that pioneered the one-for-one business model (for every pair of their shoes bought, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need). Today, the TOMS mission remains strong, and this year the company will lead its 7th annual One Day Without Shoes initiative.

Designed to help bring global awareness to children’s health and education issues, participating in One Day Without Shoes is simple. On Tuesday, April 29th, go shoeless — even for just an hour. Then, take a photo of yourself without shoes on and tag it #withoutshoes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to help raise awareness of this important issue. It’s that easy!

For more information and ways to get involved, see below

One Day Without Shoes 2014 | Travel Writer and Host, Trevor Morrow 

Why Shoes Matter

For you and me, putting on a pair of shoes before we head out the door to take on our busy lives is so routine that we don’t even think twice about it. But for children in developing countries, having or not having a pair of shoes can directly affect their education and health.


Many children in developing countries are not able to attend school without a proper uniform (which includes a pair of shoes). By providing children with a pair of shoes, school attendance can be increased by 62%.


Going barefoot makes children extremely susceptible to Hookworm, which affects 740 million people worldwide. One of the primary methods of prevention is wearing shoes.

Going barefoot also makes children extremely susceptible Podoconiosis, a soil-born disease which causes debilitating and painful swelling and disfigurement of the feet and legs. It affects more than 4 million people in 15 countries and the primary method of prevention is wearing shoes.

Cautionary note: some viewers may find some of the images in this video hard to watch. However, I think it’s important to view as it demonstrates how shoes can change people’s lives. 

One Day Without Shoes 2014

More Ways To Get Involved

Join A TOMS-Hosted Event

If you’re in Los Angeles, New York or Austin on Tuesday, April 29th, join a TOMS-hosted event. Find out more here.

Host Your Own Event

Learn all about hosting your own One Day Without Shoes event here.

Host An Instameet

Gather local instagrammers and spread the word! Find out more here.


Last Year’s One Day Without Shoes

One Day Without Shoes 2014 | TOMS

For more information and to stay up-to-date one the One Day Without Shoes movement, visit the TOMS Community Facebook page.


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