Trevor Morrow Travel Discover 5 featuring Surf Air

1) Surf Air

Booking your flight in under 30 seconds. Arriving 15 minutes before departure. Bypassing long security lines and heading straight to the tarmac where a 6-seat executive aircraft is waiting for you. This isn’t a dream, it’s Surf Air, a new airline where a flat monthly membership fee gets you unlimited flights. Surf Air currently flys between Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco (more destinations to follow).

2) Riparide

Riparide is a brand spanking new community marketplace for surfers to list their spare space and surfboards (ie. you now have a friend with a house near the beach and an extra board). You’re getting in really early on this site so be patient as Riparide builds out their listings in Australia (more destinations to follow) and opens up search functionality at the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

3) 1:Face Watch

With 1:Face Watch, a collection of colorful and cool timepieces, time doesn’t just equal money. A portion of the proceeds from each watch goes towards a worthy cause like fighting hunger (1 watch feeds 16 children) and education (5 watches provide schooling for a year).

4) August Smart Lock

Say goodbye to keys and hello to August, the smart phone app that allows you to securely grant access to your home with the push of a button. Perfect for travelers, August allows you to manage who has access to your house while you’re out of town (the plumber, your mom, or the person you rented your place to on AirBnB). You’ll never have to give them a key or leave a copy under your mat again.

5) Surfing in Montreal

Montreal: probably one of the last cities that comes to mind when you think about surfing. Not any more. Montreal’s St. Lawrence River is home to a variety of standing, permanent waves (including the world’s tallest, Big Joe) and tour providers are ready to take you river surfing this summer.

Trevor Morrow Travel Discover 5

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